Centralia Coal Transition Weatherization Board (CCTWB) supports Historic Fox Theatre restoration project

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Centralia, (June 2, 2016)  The Centralia Coal Transition Grants Weatherization Board is pleased to announce it has approved a  grant  to replace an antiquated furnace dating back to 1930 with a new and efficient heating and cooling system at the Historic Fox Theatre in Centralia, Washington. With this upgrade, in coordination with the additional restoration efforts, the Fox Theatre will take one step closer to completion of the restoration project.

The grant amount of $383,843.75 will be combined with other secured funding for a newly engineered, efficient heating and cooling system and will be installed in conjunction with a full roof replacement and south wall restoration. The physical structure improvements to the 85 year old building will take place during the summer of 2016.

The Weatherization Board was formed as a result of the 2011 Agreement between TransAlta and the state of Washington to transition the Centralia plant away from coal-fired operations with one unit shutting down in December, 2020 and the second unit in December, 2025.

“Over the past few months the theatre restoration project has received other grants which were the springboard for the Weatherization Board to approve the grant” says Debbie Campbell, Chair of the Weatherization Board. “Funding the grant for a new HV/AC system will warm the theatre in the winter and cool it in the summer giving production cast and patrons a comfortable setting to enjoy events. The board members are excited to see the Historic Fox Theatre restoration project complete the final phases of the structural improvements.”

Historic Fox Theatre Restorations (“HFTR”) is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Centralia, Washington. Established in June of 2008, HFTR’s sole mission is the restoration of Centralia’s Historic Fox Theatre to its original 1930 grandeur. The 1,000-seat theatre hosts an array of theatre, music and film events and serves as a community gathering place.

“This generous commitment by the Weatherization Board has made the vision of a restored Fox Theatre in Historic Downtown Centralia a reality” says Scott White, President of HFTR.  “The money contributed, combined with a State Grant and other funding is making it possible not only to completely replace the theatre’s HV/AC system and weatherize the building, but it is making it possible to replace the Fox Theatre’s main roof and repair the massive South brick facade of the theatre as well.  Because of this funding the Fox Theatre, by the end of this summer’s project, will be declared officially saved for many generations to come.”

“Consistent with the Weatherization Board’s mission to providing funding of projects to improve energy efficiency and weatherization within Lewis County and South Thurston County it is a goal of the board to promote the economic and environmental benefits that come from improved energy efficiency” says Nancy Hirsh, a member of the Weatherization Board. “HFTR has agreed to work with the Weatherization Board members to design and post an educational display depicting the energy efficiency measures that this new system will have for the theatre. I’m looking forward to working with HFTR on this project.”

Overview of the Funding Boards

Annual payments for the funding boards have been made for the past four years with the last payment due Dec. 31, 2023.  The opportunity to start flowing dollars into projects became effective December 31, 2015.

Weatherization Board ($10M): established to fund energy efficiency and weatherization for the residents, employees, business, non-profit organizations and local governments within Lewis County and South Thurston County; up to $1 million shall be allocated to fund residential energy efficiency and weatherization measures for low-income and moderate-income residents of Lewis County and South Thurston County;

Economic & Community Development Board ($20M): established to fund education, retraining, economic development, and community enhancement; at least $5M shall be allocated to fund education, retraining and economic development specifically targeting the needs of workers displaced from the Centralia facility;

Energy Technology Board ($25M): established to fund energy technologies with the potential to create environmental benefits to the state of Washington.

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