What is the minimum or maximum grant amount?

There is not a restriction on the amount requested for a grant.

What is the minimum or maximum amount that can be awarded?

There is not a minimum amount that can be awarded; the maximum amount awarded for a grant cannot exceed what is currently in the bank account.

Is there a deadline for submitting grants?

Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and must be received no later than March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31 of each calendar year.

When will I be notified about a grant award?

Applicants can anticipate receiving notice within two weeks of the quarterly board meeting on the status of their application.

What are the geographic requirements of the grants?

For grants to be considered they must benefit the Lewis/South Thurston area for the weatherization and economic boards. For energy technology board grants, projects must take place within Washington state.

Who makes the decision on a grant application?

The board members will approve or deny the applications committee.

How are the board members selected for each board?

The Memorandum of Agreement between Washington State and TransAlta specifically identifies the composition of board members for each board.

Is there an appeal process?

There is no appeal process in the event that an application is denied. Applicants are welcome to re-apply unless notified that your application does not meet the funding criteria.

Can one organization apply for multiple grants in one category or apply for different categories of grants?

Yes. An organization may apply for more than one grant from the same board or apply for multiple grants from the various boards.

Can a single individual submit project proposals?

No, project should be submitted by groups or organizations.

Will all of the funds available be awarded each year?

Each board will make its own decisions about which projects it funds and what amounts it awards. There is no requirement for the board to award any or all of the funds in any given year.

What types of projects will be supported by the grants?

Projects should meet the general mission of each respective board, the geographical criteria, as well as meet all the eligibility requirements.

Will the board accept an application that has all three boxes checked?

No. Each project should be specific to the appropriate board.

When will the full $55 million be paid into the three funding boards?

The last annual payment to each board will be paid on December 31, 2023.