Businesses, nonprofits, foundations, local governments, schools, school districts, etc, may apply for these grants. We do not accept applications from residents or other individuals.

Applicants to the weatherization fund do not have to be based in Lewis/South Thurston County but the buildings or facilities to be weatherized must be located in the Lewis/South Thurston County areas.

The economic and community development fund will focus on applicants from local organizations, but also consider applications from organizations based elsewhere as long as program benefits are directed to Lewis/South Thurston Counties.

Applicants for grants from the energy technology board may be based outside of Washington, but the project work must take place within Washington state.

Each board is limited in total awards to the amount of cash in its account at the time it makes grant awards. See Grant Procedures Section 8.

An organization may apply for more than one grant from the same board or apply for multiple grants from the various boards.

Applicants should be licensed to do business in the state of Washington and be able to comply with all aspects of the Grant Agreement, including Exhibit C.

You may review the entire Governance and Grant Procedures document HERE.