Centralia Coal Transition Weatherization Board (CCTWB) supports Reliable Enterprises’ expansion project

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Centralia, (February 28, 2017) The Centralia Coal Transition Grants Weatherization Board is pleased to announce it has approved a grant to help support Reliable Enterprises in their expansion efforts to become more effective and efficient. The expansion project will convert 5000 square feet of empty warehouse space into offices to accommodate growth in the organization’s programs and to consolidate management into one location.

The grant amount of $84,112.52 will be used to update the 1993 building with energy efficient windows, insulated steel doors, new exterior insulation, LED lighting fixtures and a new 95% high efficiency gas forced air furnace with heat pumps. This project will significantly upgrade the efficiency of the building through effective use of weatherization and energy efficient heating. The improvements are underway and expected to be completed before June, 2017.

The Weatherization Board was formed as a result of the 2011 Agreement between TransAlta and the state of Washington to transition the Centralia plant away from coal-fired operations with one unit shutting down in December, 2020 and the second unit in December, 2025.

“This grant greatly supplements the remodel, expansion and consolidation of Reliable Enterprises staff at an existing location that in turn will free up another building to directly serve children and families” says Brett Mitchell, Executive Director of Reliable Enterprises. “This organization was started back in 1977 by a group of local citizens who were concerned about the welfare of adults with disabilities and set up shop in a garage. Over the years the organization has seen many changes to get where they are today, serving children of all ages, providing affordable housing, providing employment opportunities and having the ability to provide a top notch preschool education to all children living in Lewis County. Being able to put our management personnel in one location will help us to facilitate quicker and to be more efficient and collaborative in our decision making.”

Reliable Enterprises is a non-profit organization with a mission to support the growth of disadvantaged and disabled individuals by expanding opportunities in employment, education and affordable housing for children, youth and adults in Lewis County.

“One of our goals as a board is to fund projects that have partnering opportunities with the community and other agencies that provide weatherization programs to expand the impact of the program” says Debbie Campbell, chair of the Weatherization Board. “The board’s decision to fund this project does just that by building on their ability to increase their services to their clients. Congratulations to Brett and his team for thinking outside of the box to apply for and utilize the TransAlta Weatherization Board Funds to improve efficiency in their nonprofit”.

Overview of the Funding Boards

Annual payments for the funding boards have been made for the past four years with the last payment due Dec. 31, 2023.  The opportunity to start flowing dollars into projects became effective December 31, 2015.

Weatherization Board ($10M): established to fund energy efficiency and weatherization for the residents, employees, business, non-profit organizations and local governments within Lewis County and South Thurston County; up to $1 million shall be allocated to fund residential energy efficiency and weatherization measures for low-income and moderate-income residents of Lewis County and South Thurston County;

Economic & Community Development Board ($20M): established to fund education, retraining, economic development, and community enhancement; at least $5M shall be allocated to fund education, retraining and economic development specifically targeting the needs of workers displaced from the Centralia facility;

Energy Technology Board ($25M): established to fund energy technologies with the potential to create environmental benefits to the state of Washington.

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