Centralia Coal Transition Weatherization Board supports the Roxy Repair and Renovations Project

Centralia, (January 3, 2022) On July 15, 2021 the Centralia Coal Transition Weatherization Board approved a grant award in the amount of $228,629.00 to support weatherization and energy efficiency improvements at the Roxy Theater in Morton, Washington. The project is being led by the Fire Mountain Arts Council who have partnered with various local contributors and volunteers to address the urgent long-needed improvements to ensure the viability of the theater and to spark economic activity in eastern Lewis County.

The Weatherization Board and the Fire Mountain Arts Council agreed to disburse the grant award in two installments, $114,314.50 was paid on November 4, 2021 and the balance of $114,314.50 is anticipated to be paid in the late Spring, 2022.  Work is currently underway to make improvements/repairs to the roof, HVAC system and stage lighting. These improvements will not only reduce the current energy costs but will allow for a more comfortable environment for the OnStage Youth Theatre Education Program and for the many other community members who make use of the theater throughout the year.  

The Fire Mountain Arts Council (FMAC) is proud to serve as the cornerstone for arts and culture in the small mountain community of Morton, Washington. FMAC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2003 to renovate the Roxy Theater. Dependent on donors, volunteers, and members, FMAC now creates and delivers extraordinary theatre and education programs, engaging community members and visitors. FMAC is proud to support three cultural venues: the Roxy Theater, BCJ Gallery and the Tiller Arts & Events Center.

The Weatherization Board was formed as part of the 2011 Agreement between TransAlta and the state of Washington to transition the Centralia plant away from coal-fired operations with one unit retiring in December 2020 and the second unit in December 2025.

Overview of the Centralia Coal Transition Funding Boards:

Annual payments for the funding boards began in 2012 with the last payment due December 31, 2023. The opportunity to start flowing dollars into projects became effective December 31, 2015.

Weatherization Board ($10M): established to fund energy efficiency and weatherization for the residents, employees, business, non-profit organizations and local governments within Lewis County and South Thurston County; up to $1 million shall be allocated to fund residential energy efficiency and weatherization measures for low-income and moderate-income residents of Lewis County and South Thurston County;

Economic & Community Development Board ($20M): established to fund education, retraining, economic development, and community enhancement; at least $5M shall be allocated to fund education, retraining and economic development specifically targeting the needs of workers displaced from the Centralia facility;

Energy Technology Board ($25M): established to fund energy technologies with the potential to create environmental benefits to the state of Washington.